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How to Get Copper Ore in Harvestella

These copper fields are simply magical.

by Matt Vatankhah

You’ll gather and harvest many different resources in Harvestella, Square Enix’s new RPG/farming sim hybrid. Copper Ore not only serves as a valuable ingredient in various crafting recipes but, more importantly, as a necessary material in upgrading your weapons. Luckily, it won’t take too long after starting your journey before you begin collecting the ore yourself, and we’re here to show you exactly where you can find it. Read on to learn how to get Copper Ore in Harvestella.

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How To Get Copper Ore in Harvestella

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You’ll find plenty of Copper Ore in Harvestella’s second open area – Higan Canyon. The most likely sources will be from mining nodes scattered around the large map, and you’ll possibly find a few in a treasure chest along the way. In rare instances, a defeated enemy might even drop an ore for you, though it’s much less likely. Your best bet is to visit each mining node in Higan Canyon once a day to stock up on Copper Ore.

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What Is Copper Ore Used For in Harvestella?

Besides being an ingredient in various crafted recipes, Copper Ore can be used to upgrade your party’s weapons in their early levels. With a couple of pieces of Copper Ore and some Grilla (Harvestella’s currency), you’ll be able to level up each party member’s weapons by speaking with the Smithy in Lethe Village. Don’t get your hopes up though, as it’s very likely that you’ll need more rare materials to upgrade your weapons to higher levels.

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Harvestella was released on November 4, 2022, for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information on Harvestella, check out our other guides here at Prima Games, like Does Harvestella Have Romance? and Is Harvestella Character Customization Good?