How to Make Lethe Breakfast in Harvestella

Part of your balanced breakfast.

Harvestella wouldn’t be a life-sim game without cooking, and with the huge amount of crops and ingredients available in the game, you can imagine how many different recipes are out there. The Lethe Breakfast is a typical breakfast in Lethe households and consists of nutritious vegetables and, of course, a delicious egg on a piece of toast. Man, I really love eggs. Anyway, here’s how to make Lethe Breakfast in Harvestella.

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How To Unlock Lethe Breakfast Recipe in Harvestella

Before you’re able to prepare a meal in Harvestella, you’ll first have to obtain its recipe. The Lethe Breakfast recipe is unlocked by purchasing the Homely Lethe Recipes booklet for 300 Grilla from the general store in Lethe Village.

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How To Make Lethe Breakfast in Harvestella

Once you’ve unlocked your kitchen in Harvestella, head over to it with the following materials to cook up a Lethe Breakfast:

  • (1) Flour — obtained by processing Stellar Wheat or purchased from the general store for 360 Grilla.
  • (1) Egg — produced by Cluffowls or purchased from the general store for 120 Grilla.
  • (1) Dress Lettuce — harvested on your farm, seeds purchasable at the general store for 55 Grilla.

The meal takes 30 minutes (in-game) to prepare, and provides the following benefits when consumed:

  • 1500 HP
  • Stamina +70%
  • Physical Attack +10%
  • 25 Hunger Replenished

You can save the Lethe Breakfast for a tasty meal break while out adventuring, or you can deliver it to Van’s father in Lethe Village for a hefty amount of Grilla in return.

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Harvestella is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information, check out our other guides here at Prima Games, like How to Get Hard Lumber in Harvestella or How to Get Small Flame Cores in Harvestella.

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