How to Get Hard Lumber in Harvestella

I'd think of another pun, but that wood be too hard.

Are the fences on your farm falling apart? Your fermenting barrels and cheese makers rotting from flimsy, thin pieces of normal wood? You need Hard Lumber — available now in Harvestella, Square Enix’s new RPG/farming sim hybrid that tasks you with managing a farm full of crops and livestock in between saving the world from certain doom because, you know, it’s Square Enix. Can you actually use Hard Lumber to make stronger fermenting barrels and cheese makers? Absolutely not! But it makes for a good sales pitch, right? Here’s how to get Hard Lumber in Harvestella.

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How To Get Hard Lumber in Harvestella

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Hard Lumber, much like normal Lumber, is found around harvesting nodes by large trees, though you’ll have to travel a little farther from Bird’s Eye Brae to start collecting this strengthened wood.

Once you’ve begun Chapter 3 in Harvestella, you’ll gain access to the Jade Forest, located just south of Lethe Village. Obviously, being a literal forest, you’re bound to find plenty of Hard Lumber through its numerous harvesting nodes scattered around the map. Remember, nodes only respawn once per day, so if you’re in need of Hard Lumber, make sure to pass through the Jade Forest on each new day.

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Additionally, the monsters found within the Jade Forest can occasionally drop Hard Lumber amongst the other resources available from the area. Careful, the forest is littered with Goblins, Melicids, and Mad Blooms — all stronger than their counterparts from previous areas. Make sure you’ve got a way to deal with being poisoned, because you’re likely to suffer the ailment at least a few times while you’re there.

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Harvestella is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information, check out our other guides and tips here at Prima Games.

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