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How to Make Glass in Minecraft

That's why they call it a window pane.

by Jesse Vitelli

Minecraft is a game about turning resources into more beneficial items for survival. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, knowing every recipe can be tedious, and sometimes you have to look something up. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to make the perfect glass blocks for your following structure. Here’s how to make glass in Minecraft.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Glass comes in a few different forms in Minecraft, so we will teach you how to make each one.

How to Make Glass (Blocks)

If you’re looking to make an entire glass block, all you need to do is take sand, which can be acquired near any large body of water. It’s easiest to mine with a shovel, so pull one out and start collecting as much sand as possible.

Then put the sand into a furnace and give it a heat source. Once the sand cooks, it will become a glass block.

Please note that if you break a glass block, it will be destroyed forever, so be careful when placing them.

How to Make Glass Panes

If you’re trying to make a window or something that resembles one, you’ll want to make glass panes instead. These are not full blocks and can be utilized best with the designer of your group.

Take your glass blocks to a crafting table. You want the bottom two rows filled with glass blocks (six total), and this will produce sixteen glass panes.

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This is the most efficient way to use glass as it will produce the most out of the two ways.

You can use the glass panes to form L shapes by putting two diagonally on the ground. Experiment with the panes to learn how to use them for your structure best. They also offer more brightness to a room than a glass block as they allow more light into the room.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to make glass in Minecraft. We have plenty of helpful Minecraft guides for beginners and veterans alike. Check out how to make sticks.

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