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How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

It's not abstract

by Patrick Souza

Concrete is one of your best options for blocks when decorating your constructions in Minecraft as you can make them with any of the available colors in the game. From pitch black to bright yellow, you can dye your concrete as you like to make the best of that creative rush you just got. You just need to be patient for getting enough blocks for what you want to build. Here’s how you can get it.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

To make concrete, you’ll need a few blocks of sand (just regular sand, red sand won’t do), some gravel, and your desired dye. Those first two are quite easy to come by, but the dyes can be more difficult to get as each one has a different recipe. You’ll also need a source of water, but that comes only after the whole crafting is done.

Get to the Crafting Table and put your desired dye along with 4 blocks of sand and 4 blocks of gravel in any order. This will get you 8 blocks of the respective dye’s concrete powder. With the powder in your hands, all you need to do now is to find some river or another similar water source to drop the powder blocks, which will then solidify and become regular concrete.

Minecraft Concrete Powder Recipe
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Rain and other similar sources won’t work; it has to be a fixed water source from the ground. But once your concrete is solidified, make sure to collect it with a pickaxe or you’ll lose them forever! Each recipe will get you 8 concrete powder blocks, so you’ll need a couple of dyes to make big constructions. But if you just want to make a wall, a room or something, half a dozen dyes should be more than enough.

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