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How to Make a Boat on Minecraft

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by Patrick Souza
How to Make a Boat Minecraft

Traversing long distances in Minecraft on foot can be tiresome, so you can use a boat instead. Of course, there’s not enough water to travel through the whole map (blame it on Pokemon), but there should be enough for covering some long distances between different biomes and such. Boats are also pretty simple to make and you can use them to move locations alone or with your pals, so here’s how you can make a boat out of a few wood blocks.

How to Make a Boat on Minecraft

Boats can be made in Crafting Tables from any kind of regular planks. The planks can be obtained from any type of wood you can get. A total of 5 planks organized in a “U” shape are needed to make a boat in Java Edition. If you play on Bedrock instead, you need to shove a Shovel in the middle too. Java’s recipe won’t work on Bedrock and vice-versa.

Minecraft Boat Recipes
Java recipe on the left, Bedrock on the right. Screenshot by Prima Games

Shovels can also be entirely made from wood by using any kind of plank + 2 sticks in the vertical center line of the Crafting Table, so don’t worry if those two initial blocks of wood weren’t enough for your boat. Just go and find a couple more and you should be fine.

You can also make a Boat with Chest by putting a Chest together with a Boat on the table, which is helpful when carrying lots of important loot. It will occupy a passager’s seat, but if your whole crew needs to get somewhere by boat, it’s easier to just make another one. Those are only available on Minecraft 1.19 versions or higher if you play an older version for some reason.

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And that’s it for how to make boats on Minecraft. Keep scrolling through our tag to see more tips and tricks about the game here on Prima Games. Click here to see how you can craft your own armor.

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