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How to Make a Lead in Minecraft (2023)

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by Jesse Vitelli

In the ever-evolving world of Minecraft, new recipes and items are added with every update. Keeping track of every resource and material you’ll need at any given time is difficult. Here’s how to make a lead in Minecraft.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft (2023)

A lead is a leash that can work on neutral animals and some Golems in Minecraft. This can be used to bring them to your village, pasture, farm, to whatever else you’ve built to contain the animals you’ll use for resource extraction.

To craft a lead, you’ll need the following items:

  • 4 String
  • 1 Slimeball

Once you have the required materials, you’ll need to position the resources as follows. Put a string on the top left corner of the crafting table. Then put one on the right and bottom of the previously placed corner piece.

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Place the slime ball directly in the middle of the table and the final piece of string in the bottom right corner. This will then produce two leads. So if you need more than two, you’ll need to produce more slimeballs and string.

String can be obtained by destroying cobwebs, killing spiders, and even as gifts from cats.

Slimeballs are obtained by killing slimes. Slimes can drop a few Slimeballs at a time, depending on their size.

Leads can also be used to craft balloons but are mainly used to capture animals for your village. Use them however you see fit, but having a golem or two around town to keep everyone safe isn’t a bad idea.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make leads in Minecraft. We have plenty of tips and tricks to help grow your server and have the best Minecraft village in town. Here’s how to harvest honey in Minecraft.

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