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How to Harvest Honey in Minecraft

Honey I've shrunk the bees.

by Jesse Vitelli

Minecraft is filled to the brim with different items to craft, gather, mine, and even harvest from animals. Keeping track of every system and recipe can be a nightmare, so we’re here to help ensure you have everything you need to run a successful village. Here’s how to harvest honey in Minecraft.

How to Harvest Honey in Minecraft

So, to obtain honey in Minecraft, you’ll first need bees, which are found in a beehive. During normal weather conditions, bees will go out, pollinate a flower, and return to the hive. This increases the beehive by one stage, and it can reach stage 5 in total.

After the beehive is at max level, there are two different ways you can obtain honey.

The first way is to talk up to the beehive with an empty glass bottle. Using the bottle on the beehive will extract the honey, and you’ll now have a Honey bottle in your inventory.

The other way to obtain honey is to use shears on a beehive, which will shoot out three honeycombs. They will scatter from the block, so you’ll need to collect them before they disappear.

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If you walk up to a beehive empty-handed, the bees will attack and potentially kill you. So make sure you either have an empty glass bottle of shears in your hand when approaching and interacting with the beehive.

You can find beehives around the plains and flowered plains biomes in Minecraft. You’ll want to keep track of your beehives and ensure they are healthy so you can continue harvesting honey from them.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to harvest honey in Minecraft. For more tips, tricks, and guides, take a look at Prima Games. We have plenty of helpful Minecraft guides to make your community thrive. Check out how to make candles in Minecraft.

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