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How to Increase Lightsaber Damage in Jedi Survivor

Skip the Skill Tree.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lightsaber Damage Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor is full of skills that allow Cal Kestis to master his use of the Force or enhance the way he wields his lightsaber in combat. Despite so many ways to make combat more engaging, it is hard to find a method of genuinely increasing the lightsaber damage across the board.

Because there are no standard stats in Jedi Survivor, it is even harder to tell how the damage works or when you are genuinely dishing out more. I always look for how I can deal more damage in an action-adventure game, and I am here to help you increase yours as well.

Jedi Survivor – How to Increase Lightsaber Damage

Anyone that is looking for extra damage in the skill tree will be disappointed. Fallen Order allowed players to spend some skill points on additional damage for the lightsaber in general, but that is not the case in Jedi Survivor. Instead, we need to ignore the skill tree entirely and look toward the perk system.

It is the perks in the game that can apply a universal increase to damage on Cal’s saber. This will apply to all stances like Crossguard and the Dual Wield forms as well. The catch is that the perks need to be found, and some of them come with a negative.

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One of the best perks, for example, is called Fortitude and is found in the Fogged Expanse. This perk will increase lightsaber damage entirely, but will also increase incoming damage. Rare perks like these require four slots open at a minimum. Other perks will increase very specific damage types, such as lightsaber throws, or the damage on hits after using a Force ability. If you are used to the combat in Jedi Survivor, I would absolutely recommend getting the Fortitude perk. Just be ready for much more dangerous enemies.

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