How to Hide Your Helmet in Monster Hunter: World

You don't need to hide beneath that helmet any longer.

While accessorizing is just as much fun as slaying creatures in Monster Hunter: World, you may grow tired of seeing your same old helmet after a while. Is there an option to hide your equipment, or are you going to be wearing this gear forever?

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How to Hide Head Armor in Monster Hunter: World

If you’re hoping to hide your headgear in Monster Hunter: World, the option to toggle it is hidden within the options menu. Enter the Pause Screen, and navigate to the System option. You’ll find it on the far right as two gears. Enter the options menu, and go to Page 2.

Underneath Subtitles, you’ll find the option for Head Armor. By pressing the Confirm button, you’ll have the option to switch between the following choices:

  • Show.
  • Hide.
  • Hide in Cutscenes Only.

For example, in the photo above, I was able to remove my Tzitzi Head Armor, which could be a little distracting at times. No matter if I want to keep it on while I’m playing but have it disappear while I’m in a cutscene, or just keep it on at all times, the customization option allows me to make my journey through Monster Hunter: World exactly how I’d like it to be.

Thankfully, since you won’t lose out on any of the stats of your equipment, you can explore the world before you with your hair blowing in the wind. It’s a great feature to have, especially if your helmet normally obscures everything about your character’s face.

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