How to Heal/Cure and Revive Pals in Palworld

Healthy Pals, healthy slaves.

Palworld Pals Working at Base
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Having a strong party of Pals will see you far in Palworld, but naturally, there are a plethora of ways that they can become hurt, sick, tired, or even worse. To give you a fighting chance of success, you’ll need to keep them in tip-top shape at all times.

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How to Cure Your Pals in Palworld

Pals are the backbone of Palworld. Not only do they help you in battle, and by interacting with the environment, but they work your Base for you. They often work themselves to the brink of exhaustion and illness, and so the least that one can do is heal them so that they can go back to work once again.

Healing your Pals depends on which difficulty setting you are playing on. If you’re playing on Hard difficulty, you will find that your Pals will drop upon death, and you’ll have to replace them with new work slaves. But, if you’re playing on easier difficulties or have applied custom settings, you’ll want to make sure that your Pals are healthy.

When your Pals have lost a significant amount of HP, and are tired, the best way to aid them is to place them in the Palbox. It will take ten minutes for a Pal to return to full health, but it’s a small price to pay for free heals. Just like the player, Pals also have a hunger meter, and when that is depleted, they will start to starve, and their health will rapidly deplete. It’s a good idea to travel with food, not only for you but for your Pals. You can keep your Pals on your Base fed by depositing food into a food source such as a Feed Box.

How to Get Medical Supplies in Palworld

If you’re hoping to get your hands on some Medical Supplies, you’ll need to make a Medicine Bench. once you have done so, you can create the following supplies to use on yourself and your Pals;

  • Low-Grade Medical Supplies
    • 5 Red Berries
    • 2 Horns
  • Medical Supplies
    • 3 Ingot
    • 3 Horn
    • 1 Bone
  • High-Grade Medical Supplies
    • 5 Ingot
    • 5 Horn
    • 2 Bone
  • Suspicious Juice
    • 3 Beautiful Flowers
    • 3 Horns
    • 1 Bone
    • 1 Pal Fluids
  • Strange Juice
    • 5 Beautiful Flower
    • 5 Horn
    • 2 Bone
    • 2 Pal Fluids

You can create and craft as many medical supplies as needed from this bench, but how do you actually go about making one?

How To Make A Medieval Medicine Bench

Unfortunately, the Palbox does not heal all Pal conditions, so you will need to craft a crafting station such as Medieval Medicine Bench to fix issues such as:

  • Colds (5 Red Berries and 2 Horns)
  • Sprains (5 Red Berries and 2 Horns)
  • Fractures (3 Ingots, 3 Horns, 1 Bone)
  • Ulcers (3 Ingots, 3 Horns, 1 Bone)
  • Weakened (5 Ingots, 5 Horns, 2 Bones)
  • Depressed (5 Ingots, 5 Horns, 2 Bones)

You will need to be level 12 to craft the Medieval Medicine Bench and it requires the following materials:

  • 30 Wood
  • 5 Nail
  • 10 Paldium Fragment

How To Cure Status Ailments in Palworld

Sometimes, if you’re pushing your new buddies to their limits, they may become depressed and need a bit of extra TLC to ensure they can keep doing good work at your camp. If you’ve got a depressed Pal, you’ll need something like the Hot Spring to ensure that they’re back in tip-top shape quickly, and you can craft one at Level 9 with the following items:

  • 30 Wood
  • 15 Stone
  • 10 Paldium Fragments
  • 10 Pal Fluids

Once you have the required items, head to your Crafting Bench and get to work. Place it within your base, and you’ll have a quick and effective way to keep your Pals happy. Can’t be sad on the job, or else they may get turned into a stew.

All Status Ailments and How To Cure Them

There are a surprising number of ailments that can affect your Pals, so let’s find out what we’ll need to do to ensure that our Pals are staying in tip-top shape.

Cold Ailment

To cure a Cold, you’ll need to give your Pal a dose of Low-Grade Medical Supplies. This can either be done with the Medical Crafting Bench, or by defeating some low-tier monsters that drop this particular item.

Depressed Ailment

If one of your Pals is depressed, you’ll need to fork over the supplies to make them a dose of High-Grade Medical Supplies. If this is out of reach for the time being, however, you could always build something like a Hot Tub, which will let them stay in the game for a little while longer.

Fracture Ailment

If you’ve had a Pal develop a Fracture, you’ll want to give them standard Medical Supplies. This will get them back on their feet, and ready to do your bidding once again. Since Medical Supplies are easy to make, it may not hurt to have plenty on hand just in case of an accident.

Overfull Ailment

If your Pal has decided to be a bit of a Glutton, they may develop the Overfull status. To eliminate this, you’ll need to fork over some Low-Grade Medical Supplies, and you’ll find that their tummy ache has gone away. Maybe someone will mod it to be Pal-pto Bismol in the future or something.

Sprain Ailment

Someone on the team has developed a Sprain and you’re unsure of what to do? Don’t worry, just give them some Low-Grade Medical Supplies, and they’ll be as good as new once again. These items can be created easily, but are also dropped rather often by lower-level Pals roaming the world.

Ulcer Ailment

An Ulcer is nothing to laugh at, even in this particular world. You’ll need to create or find some standard Medical Supplies if you’re hoping to get them feeling like themselves once again, so either head out into the world for some battling or toss over the materials needed to make this happen.

Weakened Ailment

If you’ve been driving your Pals to work a little too hard on the base, there is a chance that they may develop the Weakened Ailment. This one is a bit tricky to fix, as it’s going to require some High-Grade medical supplies to fix. However, they’ll be as good as new once they receive this particular bit of medication.

All Non-Medical Ailments in Palworld

While running into health issues is unfortunately common in Palworld, you may see these particular ailments hit your screen more often than you expect.

Hungry or Starving Ailment

Everyone has to eat, no matter if they’re real or not. If your Pals have not been eating or taking time to eat, you’ll need to ensure that you create them a Feed Box as soon as possible. This piece of equipment is unlocked at Level 4 and is required to be built to advance your Palbox and Base. It can be created with 20 pieces of Wood and will provide plenty of food for your Pals to munch on, especially if you keep filling it up. Thankfully, the process is automated, so you won’t need to remind them to eat.

Incapacitated Ailment

If your Pal has been with you for your whole adventure and has been knocked out, you may start panicking while trying to figure out what you need to do next. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered below.

How To Revive Pals in Palworld

If you’ve been pushing your Pals to their limit and have a few fainted party members, you’ll need to head back to camp as soon as possible. While you have a few ways to defend yourself in the cold, dark world before you, your Pals can usually cause more damage than your early-game weaponry.

Just like healing them when they’re hurt, you’ll just need to place them inside of the Palbox and wait for a total of 10 real-world minutes before you can take them out and get them back on their feet. Or hooves, flippers, or whatever in between. There are no Pal-Centers in this world, so just let the box do the work for you. Once you’ve waited long enough, you can withdraw your favorite Pals once again and send them out to do your bidding.

It’s a good idea to stock a few of each type of medicine at all times, especially if you want to keep both production and morale high on your base. The bigger your output, the faster you can improve, and become an unstoppable Palworld force.

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