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How to Heal in Metal: Hellsinger

Here's how you can avoid dying in Metal: Hellsinger!

by Nikola L

Metal: Hellsinger is an indie FPS game that has an unusual twist to it where you are required to attack your enemies to the rhythm of the background music. However, while you are battling endless hordes of demons, you are bound to get hit by at least one of them, and this will certainly leave a small flesh wound on your character.

There are ways to get healed and restore your health in Metal: Hellsinger and here’s everything you need to know to get that sweet healing during your demon crusade.

How to Restore Health in Metal: Hellsinger

There are three ways to restore your Health in Metal: Hellsinger.

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Shattering the Green Crystal to Restore your Health in Metal: Hellsinger

Around the Hells that you will roam while piloting the Unknown, protagonist of Metal: Hellsinger, you will find glowing green crystals around the walls. In order to get healed, shatter them with any weapon of your choice and then pick up the small green shards that will fall out. Be mindful that these disappear very quickly so try to not accidentally destroy the Green Crystal too early in a fight with an accidental shot or AoE damage.

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Executing the Enemies with Slaughter Restores your Health in Metal: Hellsinger

When you stun an enemy (when the health of the enemy is low) you will see a pulsing square on them, which prompts you to press the button for Slaughter. Press the button “on the beat” and Unknown will dash directly to the enemy and will perform an execution animation. Green shards will come out of the executed enemy and your health will be restored.

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Killing the Enemies With Terminus’ Ultimate Makes Enemies Drop Green Shards That Heal You

When you are under the effect of Ultimate of Terminus, every kill that you make will yield Green Shards that you can pick up and get healed. This is particularly amazing when you fly in a mass of demons with your trusty sword and start obliterating everything in your way.

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