How to Go Third-Person in ARMA 3

Make those heli landings smoother

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The mil-sim sandbox of ARMA 3 has a lot of options that can be tailored to allow any group to have whatever experience they like. One of these settings is the third-person mode, which allows for better situational awareness, easier driving of vehicles, and much safer helicopter landings, but not all servers enable this option. Here’s how to enable third-person mode in ARMA 3.

ARMA 3’s Third-Person Mode Explained

By default you can press Enter on the num pad which will take you into third-person mode, however, this only works if you have a full-sized keyboard. Those with smaller keyboards will have to rebind the action to a new key.

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To rebind the third-person key, go to the pause menu, or the main menu. Go to Controls and use the drop-down box to find View. Here you are looking for the action labeled Toggle View. Click this, and then delete the key bind already in there. Now record your new key bind, but make sure you press OK and not Back, otherwise, the changes won’t be saved.

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Some ARMA 3 servers do not allow third-person, so if you are unable to switch modes, this could be the reason. To find out if a server allows for third-person mode, you can look in the server browser. Select a server and then look at the difficulty section. Anything below Veteran will have third-person enabled by default. If the difficulty is Custom, then there is no way to know without joining and giving it a try.

If you are having trouble with third-person in single-player or the Eden Editor, then check your difficulty settings and ensure that you have it enabled. The options are; Disabled, Enabled, and Vehicles Only.

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