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How to Use Voice Chat in ARMA 3

Roger, come in, over.

Who is this “Roger” that should come in over at our base? I am not really sure. However, what I am sure of is that I’ll be glad to help by explaining how you can use the voice chat feature in ARMA 3. ARMA III is a very detailed and complex game when it comes to game mechanics, and I will try to be as detailed as possible as well so that everything regarding enabling and using the Voice Chat in ARMA 3 is clarified.

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How to Activate Voice Chat in ARMA III

By default, your Voice Chat should be activated, and the default hotkey for Push-to-Talk (PTT) should be CAPS LOCK (you can change this, of course). However, this guide does not end here. I assure you the matter is not that simple. Unlike with many other games, in ARMA 3 you can actually change the “channel” of communication, or in other words, where you are emitting or broadcasting your lovely voice.

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Here are all of the communication channels in ARMA 3 (note that this applies to text as well):

  • Global – to every player
  • Side – to your faction only
  • Command – to the commanders of your faction
  • Group – to your group only
  • Vehicle – to your co-passengers that ride with you
  • Direct – to your nearby proximity

With “,” and “.” (default hotkeys) you can change your communication channel so that you can choose who will hear what you have to say. Better not accidentally speak in the proximity chat when you are near enemies, because that would be very awkward!

Did you know that Arma 3 Devs were arrested for spying on a real-life military base around 10 years ago? Always some shenanigans with these military-sim game developers. Anyway, thank you for dropping by Prima Games. If you want, stick around and check out our features such as Even Roblox Understands COD Better than Call of Duty, or articles about other games you like to play.

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