How to Get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

You'll need a good fireteam for this one

Once you’ve obtained the Exotic Stasis Rifle Wicked Implement, the next thing on your mind is undoubtedly how to make it even more lethal. Fortunately, doing so is straightforward on paper. Actually executing the method might require a few tries. Here’s how to get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2.

How to Get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

Each season, Guardians have a chance to grab an Exotic weapon from one of the newly introduced maps or activities. For Seasons of the Deep, you’ll need to plumb the trenches of Deep Dive to get Wicked Implement. But once you have your hands on the scout rifle, be prepared to run several more Deep Dives to get the Catalyst.

To get the Wicked Implement Catalyst in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete a Tier 7 Deep Dive. Once you reach the end of the Tier 7 Deep Dive, you’ll just need to interact with the extra reward clam that appears on the reward platform and the Wicked Implement Catalyst will automatically be given to you.

And while that sounds quite easy, achieving it can be very difficult.

Deep Dives have an optional activity called “Pressure Trials”. These Pressure Trials can be triggered during each of the three combat stages. To trigger them, you’ll need to find the white glowing ball hidden in the combat encounter map.

Toland will be located on the left, middle, or right side of the map. Once he’s found, all members in the Deep Dive will need to interact with him to start the Pressure Trial. If they fail to do this in time, Toland will vanish.

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Once a Pressure Trial is activated, you’ll need to remove Pressurized Blights by standing in glowing pools or destroying the orbs at the center of Taken Blights. You’ll also need to complete the main objective of the combat encounter in order to proceed.

Fail a combat encounter or a Pressure Trial and you won’t get to Tier 7 when you encounter the final boss in the Deep Dive.

The best way to succeed at getting the Wicked Implement Catalyst is to find a fireteam with the same goal in mind before tackling the Deep Dive.

If you’re not sure how to get Wicked Implement, we have a full guide on what to do here: How to Get Secret Deep Dive Exotic Wicked Implement in Destiny 2.

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