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How to Get Underboss Skulls in Redfall – Answered

Trust us, you'll need them.

by Jesse Vitelli

Underboss Skulls are a side activity in Redfall that eventually become part of the main missions later on. These pesky vampires can be a bit tricky and more involved than your run-of-the-mill vampires in Redfall. So, how do you get Underboss skulls in Redfall? We have the answer for you below.

How to Get Underboss Skulls in Redfall – Answered

  • First, you need to unlock the various safehouse around the map
  • Complete the missions at the safehouse mission briefing board
  • After completing the first mission, head back to the same safehouse and pick up the Underboss mission
  • Defeat the Underboss and loot their skull as a reward

Underboss skulls are only obtainable from the Safehouse missions around the map of Redfall. This is true for both the Redfall and Burial Site maps in the game. You will need at least three of them the progress to The Hollow Man fight at the end of the first map.

For the Burial Site, you’ll need six of a possible eight Underboss skulls in the game. Complete the safehouse missions, go to the mission briefing board, and defeat the Underboss of the area.

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We recommend picking up the safehouse missions as you unlock them, so if you’re in the area of the mission later you can go and complete it quickly without having to backtrack.

There are other alters around the map for skulls to be placed oat, which will give you special outfits for your character, but you can use the same skulls for both. You’ll need a minimum of three skulls in the first area to move on to The Hollow Man fight and move onto the second map.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Underboss Skulls in Redfall. For more tips and tricks, keep hanging around Prima Games. We’ve got everything you’ll need to be the best vampire slayer this side of the eastern seaboard. Check out how to unlock safehouses so you can start collecting those skulls right away.

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