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How to Fast Travel in Redfall

Let's not waste time or ammo

by Daphne Fama

The premise of Redfall is simple. You, a Cryptid-Student-Engineer-Veteran, are stuck on an island called Redfall. And 80% of the population would really like to see your blood on the outside of your body. This makes navigating around the vampire and cultist-infested streets quite difficult. But fast traveling makes things much easier. Here’s how to fast travel in Redfall.

How to Fast Travel in Redfall

You’ll spend a lot of time walking through the streets of Redfall, which are filled with cultists and vampires. And while there’s some benefit to hoofing it and meticulously exploring your surroundings, it’s much easier to use fast travel points to zip around the map.

There are six total fast travel points in Redfall, which are associated with Historical Landmarks scattered around town. There are also five safehouses, which you can also unlock to fast travel from.

Here are all the safe houses (the house icons) and fast travel points in Redfall. Fun fact, you can unlock all of these before you complete Two Birds, One Stone.

Once you arrive and capture the Redfall fire station, you’ll have your first fast travel point. But you’ll need to unlock your first historical marker or safehouse to actually use it. Fortunately, there’s one not too far away.

When you walk out the front door of the fires station, you’ll find yourself on a road. Turn right and follow the road until your character announces the see a historical marker. This will be the Supper Club, and it’s a conveniently located one of the first campaign mission point of interests.

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Approach the sign and interact with it. This will unlock it. Now, when you open up your map, there will be an inverse teardrop icon. This denotes a fast travel point. Just click on it to fast travel at any time, from anywhere.

I mentioned safehouses earlier. Safehouses are miniature bunkers that you can replenish health and ammo, while checking out the main mission map. But they require a little more effort to unlock, from killing enemies to some basic puzzling. But once you’ve unlocked a safehouse, you can fast travel to it just like a historical marker.

Here’s how to unlock safehouses in Redfall: How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall.

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