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How to Claim your Redfall Pre-order Bonuses

You didn't pre-order for nothing!

by Shawn Robinson
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Redfall is finally here, after two long years since its initial announcement. With this being Arkane’s first big title since Deathloop at the end of 2021, many fans of the studio are excited to jump right in and slaughter some vampires. For those who pre-ordered before launch, you may be wondering how you can snag your promised goodies in-game. Here’s how to claim your pre-order bonuses in Redfall.

How to Get Pre-Order Rewards in Redfall

Redfall Pre-Order Shotgun
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When you first load up the game, you won’t be able to claim your pre-order bonuses. Instead, you’ll need to work your way through the introduction and get acquainted with everything in the tutorial. You’ll want to keep playing until you can explore the open world when the game gives you a main objective but lets you roam as you please. Once you get there, the items should appear in your inventory. How you use them isn’t super clear at first though.

You get three pre-order bonuses when you reach the open world segment of the game. The first is a shotgun, which can be equipped through your character’s Gear Menu. The second and third bonuses are a Stake and multi-weapon skin, which can be equipped by opening the Details menu on a desired weapon. The Skin and Stake options are found at the bottom of said Details screen.

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The shotgun itself feels great as an opening shotgun, though keep in mind you likely won’t use it beyond the opening hours. It’s only level two, and with no clear path to upgrade it, you’re stuck having to eventually replace it with an objectively better shotgun. You won’t be waiting too long for that thankfully, and with three weapon slots, you’ll still have two other weapons to carry you until you find a shotgun. Perhaps one of those will be a sniper, which ammo for is hard to come by. If you’re having trouble too, our guide on how to get sniper ammo in Redfall will help nicely.

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