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How to Play Multiplayer Co-op in Redfall

Vampires die better when four people are shooting at them.

by Shawn Robinson
Redfall Denuvo

Redfall, Arkane Studios next AAA title, is finally here! The fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts has been invaded by hordes of vampires and cultists, leaving you to clean up the mess and save the remaining residents. The one thing that’ll make that even easier is friends, which you can thankfully have no shortage of. Here’s how to play multiplayer co-op in Redfall, along with how you can play through crossplay.

How Do I Play With Friends in Redfall?

Redfall Multiplayer
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When you first launch Redfall, you’ll be met with a screen that allows you either to host a game or simply play solo. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to select Host Game. From this menu, you’ll be able to invite your friends by clicking on the bottom right of your screen to open up the friends list. From here, select the friend(s) you want to invite, then click Invite Player. Provided they accept the invite, they’ll be in your lobby.

If you’re looking to play with someone on a different platform than you, click Add crossplay friends and input the username they have with their account (something they may need to link). From there, they’ll appear on your friends list free for you to invite like normal. Once the full squad is ready and you’ve picked the appropriate difficulty, have everyone click Ready. Then click Play Game, and you’ll be ready to go.

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Playing Redfall with friends is a lot more fun than playing the game solo. With the combined firepower, alongside the use of different powers, you’ll be able to stomp just about everything that steps in your way. A sniper rifle can help a lot on that front, so be sure to read our guide on how to get sniper ammo in Redfall. You’d be surprised at how rare it is.

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