Arkane Tries to Revive Redfall, Issues First Major Update 5 Months after Launch

Redfall may be back from the dead, thanks to a new patch that looks to breathe new life into the game.

Five months after an underwhelming launch, Arkane Studios has issued the first major game update for Redfall, entitled Game Update 2.

Remember Redfall? The ambitious vampire slaying multiplayer game from the developers behind the much beloved Dishonoured series that launched to… less than stellar reviews? Some folks may not have even remembered that this game existed, due to the myriad of issues that plagued its release, but it seems that the team at Arcane is doing whatever it can to bring it back from the dead. But is it too little, too late?

Tweet via @Wario64 on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Check out the full patch notes from Bethesda and Arkane here.

Sure, this may be listed as Game Update 2, but it feels like the first significant patch that has been pushed onto the game. Users on X (formerly known as Twitter) have been crying out that Arkane and Bethesda had completely abandoned the game, but it looks like they’ve just been refining the game behind closed doors. The 60 FPS patch could be enough to bring some players back into the action, since 30 FPS on a console as powerful as the Xbox Series X felt like a chore to play.

But, is it enough to bring players back? It’s too early to tell, as there weren’t even enough gamers playing on Steam to form a full party in the past few weeks, according to an article by Forbes. However, it does make me slightly hopeful that Redfall could be in its redemption arc, as unlikely as that seems. These updates have made me curious enough to start downloading the game again to test it out, so we can only wait to see what the overall reaction to this particular patch could be with the players who felt like they were stabbed in the heart with a stake the first time around.

Redfall is available to play on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft Windows.

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