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How to Get Sniper Ammo in Redfall

Sneaky sneaky.

by Jesse Vitelli

You’ll need all sorts of ammo in Redfall as you play through the game. If you’re a fan of the sniper rifles in Redfall, you’ll likely be on the lookout for ammo constantly. You’ll only be able to hold a few bullets at first before upgrading your skill tree a bit more. Here’s how to get sniper ammo in Redfall.

How to Get Sniper Ammo in Redfall

To get sniper ammo in Redfall you have a few different options. Your main way of obtaining ammo is to purchase it from the ammo box refills at both the Fire Station and any of the safe houses around town. These cost scrap to replenish your ammo, so be wary of how much your spend because it can get pricey.

The other way to get Sniper ammo is to constantly loot enemies and objects. Looking for locked crates that require a lockpick is almost a surefire bet on how to find ammo.

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If you run into Bellwether security enemies, take them out and loot the surrounding area, they’re usually flush with ammo, rewire kits, and plenty of other incredible useful items. While they might be tricky to defeat at first, use your abilities and guns to take them down. Bellwether guards typically have the best resources out of all of the factions in Redfall, and Sniper ammo is among them.

Redfall also puts snipers and ammo in hard-to-reach places. Keep your eye out for sniper towers, whether that be the top of a church, a barn silo, or any high up area with a window. You’ll find a healthy supply of ammo for your weapons.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get sniper ammo In Redfall. Can you pause in Redfall? We have the answer for you here.

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