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How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall

The only thing keeping these safehouses safe are UV lamps and low IQ cultists

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing we all need on a vampire-infested island, it’s a place to get away. Someplace you can lick your wounds and feel reassured you won’t have a cultist knocking at your door. Safehouses fit the bill perfectly, and there’s several scattered around the town. Here’s how to unlock safehouses in Redfall.

How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall

Redfall might be absolutely choked with cultists and bloodsuckers, but there are a few places you can grab respite. These places are houses that have already been outfitted with UV lights and supplies. But most of these safehouses require you to jump through a few hoops. Here’s how to unlock the safehouses in Redfall.

The image above details all the safehouses (the house icons) and fast travel points in Redfall. Fun fact, you can unlock all of these before you complete Two Birds, One Stone.

It’s likely that the first safehouse you’ll encounter will be the Shadetree Heights Safehouse, just south of the first helicopter crash site. But if you’ve made your way there, you’ve likely seen that it’s not as easy as walking up to a door and making yourself at home.

The door to the cellar, and our safehouse, is locked. And this provides a perfect example of what Redfall expects you to do when you encounter a Safehouse. Clear out the cultists and vampires, then follow the thick yellow cords coming from the UV lights to the nearby garage. Use a rewire kit to open the door, which will alert more cultists.

Once you’ve kicked the cultists down to Hades, you’ll find a bright yellow generator in the garage. Interact with this generator to start up the UV lights and finally unlock the safehouse.

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The other four safehouses scattered around Redfall will require their own puzzles to enter. But rest assured that all the puzzle solutions are nearby. One will require you to do a bit of platforming, another will ask you to get a nearby key which will set off a car alarm. But once those puzzles are done, you’ll have a fast travel point you can use for the rest of the game.

Speaking of fast travel, here’s the way to unlock it if you haven’t yet: How to Fast Travel in Redfall.

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