How to Get to the Well in Starfield – Location Guide

Well, well, well, where the hell is this place?

Starfield Exploring Barren Planets
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Starfield is a game with a colossal galaxy to explore and so many different things to find. Each city has its own more secret areas to explore, let alone with the random locations you can find on each planet. One location that you might not be aware of is the Well, the underbelly of the city of New Atlantis. Here’s how to get to the Well in Starfield.

Where to Find the Well in Starfield

Starfield The Well Path
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For our directions, you’ll want to start directly in front of your ship in the New Atlantis spaceport. From the ship, head down the ramp and up through the security checkpoint. Once you see the giant intertwining statue, go past it and to the left of the tram to the Terrabrew Coffee store. To the left of the store is a small alley with an elevator at the end of it. Enter the elevator and select “The Well” from the three possible options. Once the loading screen is done, you’ll be in The Well and free to do whatever you want to.

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What is in the Well in Starfield?

Starfield The Well
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As mentioned above, The Well is the underbelly of New Atlantis, showcasing some of its smaller stores and less wealthy individuals. This is also home to the House of the Enlightened, where you can find a chest if you choose the Raised Enlightened trait when creating your character. Otherwise, numerous side missions, including the Alternating Currents mission, require you to visit The Well and explore it.

While you’re exploring The Well, it’s worth using the same elevator to check out the Waterfall Promenade. It isn’t quite as useful as the Well, but it sure is a pretty location. On the topic of locations and the above-mentioned side mission string, check out our guide on the power grid solution for the Tapping the Grid in the Wall mission in Starfield.

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