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Starfield Full Timeline and Lore Explained

Starfield: All Achievements Listed

Starfield achievements revealed

In total, Starfield features 50 achievements, so let’s take a look at each one, including their respective Xbox Gamerscore, which totals up to a cumulative 1,000 points. Here are all achievements in Starfield.

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Starfield Achievement List

Starfield character sitting in cockpit
Image Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks

Starfield Story Achievements


The easiest way to hunt down achievements in Starfield is to use a guide. We’ve got guides on several of the achievements in Starfield. To find them,ook for achievements with a red highlight to find our walkthroughs for them.

There are 10 story achievements in Starfield:

  • For All, Into the Starfield (10 Gamerscore): Enter Space for the First Time
  • One Small Step (10 Gamerscore): Join Constellation
  • Into the Unknown (10 Gamerscore): Complete “Into the Unknown”
  • All That Money Can Buy (10 Gamerscore): Complete “All That Money Can Buy”
  • Further Into the Unknown (20 Gamerscore): Complete “Further Into the Unknown”
  • High Price to Pay (20 Gamerscore): Complete “High Price to Pay”
  • In Their Footsteps (20 Gamerscore): Complete “In Their Footsteps”
  • Entangled (20 Gamerscore): Complete “Entangled”
  • Unearthed (20 Gamerscore): Complete “Unearthed”
  • One Giant Leap (50 Gamerscore): Complete “One Giant Leap”

Starfield Progress Achievements

There are 22 progress achievements in Starfield. Four of these achievements relate to combat and weapons:

  • Dust Off (10 Gamerscore): Reach Level 5
  • Traveler (10 Gamerscore): Reach Level 10
  • Elite (20 Gamerscore): Reach Level 25
  • Space Opera (50 Gamerscore): Reach Level 50
  • Reach for the Stars (100 Gamerscore): Reach Level 100
  • Chief Engineer (10 Gamerscore): Modify a Ship
  • Fixer (30 Gamerscore): Complete 30 Activities
  • Privateer (10 Gamerscore): Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions
  • Life Begets Life (20 Gamerscore): Gather 500 Organic Resources
  • Rock Collection (10 Gamerscore): Gather 500 Inorganic Resources
  • Cyber Jockey (30 Gamerscore): Bypass 50 Digital Locks
  • Jacked In (20 Gamerscore): Access 50 Computers
  • Replicator (30 Gamerscore): Craft 100 Items
  • The Family You Choose (20 Gamerscore): Recruit 10 Separate Companions
  • Starcrossed (20 Gamerscore): Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
  • Fleet Commander (20 Gamerscore): Collect 10 Ships
  • Thirst for Knowledge (10 Gamerscore): Read 20 Skill Magazines
  • I Use Them For Smuggling (10 Gamerscore): Successfully Smuggle Contraband
  • Soldier of Fortune (30 Gamerscore): Mod 50 Weapons
  • War of Angels (20 Gamerscore): Collect 20 Quantum Essence
  • Dark Matter (20 Gamerscore): Eliminate 300 Human Enemies
  • Another Bug Hunt (20 Gamerscore): Eliminate 300 Creatures
Starfield player looking over rocky landscape
Image Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks

Starfield Faction Achievements

There are 12 faction achievements in Starfield:

  • Supra Et Ultra (10 Gamerscore): Join the UC Vanguard
  • The Devils You Know (10 Gamerscore): Complete “The Devils You Know”
  • A Legacy Forged (30 Gamerscore): Complete “A Legacy Forged”
  • Deputized (10 Gamerscore): Join the Freestar Rangers
  • Surgical Strike (10 Gamerscore): Complete “Surgical Strike”
  • The Hammer Falls (30 Gamerscore): Complete “The Hammer Falls”
  • Back to the Grind (10 Gamerscore): Join Ryujin Industries
  • Guilty Parties (10 Gamerscore): Complete “Guilty Parties”
  • Executive Level (30 Gamerscore): Complete “Executive Level”
  • Rook Meets King (10 Gamerscore): Join the Crimson Fleet
  • The Best There Is (10 Gamerscore): Complete “The Best There Is”
  • Legacy’s End (30 Gamerscore): Complete “Legacy’s End”

Starfield Exploration and Outpost Achievements

There are six exploration and outpost achievements in Starfield:

  • Stellar Cartography (10 Gamerscore): Visit 20 Star Systems
  • The Stars My Destination (20 Gamerscore): Visit all Star Systems
  • Boots on the Ground (20 Gamerscore): Land on 100 Planets
  • Home Sweet Home (10 Gamerscore): Build an Outpost
  • Shipping Magnate (10 Gamerscore): Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
  • Industrialist (20 Gamerscore): Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts

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