How to Get to the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact

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Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact
Image from Genshin Impact YouTube Version 4.1 "To the Stars Shining in the Depths" Trailer

Fontaine’s not pulling the plug anytime soon on the fantastical creatures that come out with each update in Genshin Impact. The Millennial Pearl Seahorse is yet another beautifully designed Kelpie with movements that resemble an actual horse moving and rampaging underwater. Though it wouldn’t be Genshin if they made it all that easy to get to. So here’s the path you’re going to need to take to begin encountering this mythical boss.

How to Get to the Waypoints and Boss Arena for the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact

The Millenial Pearl Seahorse can be found on the map once the Statue of the Seven has been unlocked and by just following the icon, you may find it quite difficult to actually to the boss itself. Like many new aspects, the Millenial Pearl Seahorse can be found underwater and on a deeper level than just the sea surface.

There aren’t any clear indications of where to go floating around where the icon is placed on the map so you will head further north to find a special cavern, one that has a flowing current as indicated in the image above. 


There’s also a Hydroculus outside the current, so be sure to collect that for your Statue of Seven Rewards!

By entering this current and guiding yourself along the rings to help speed your progress, you will eventually be pulled into a pool of water like the one outside the Emperor of Fire and Iron. Breaking through this water will lead you to a large encompassing cavern where the Millennial Pearl Seahorse will be resting in the midst of an arena.

There is a waypoint just to the left of the pool of water, so this is a great chance to nab that as well unless you like taking underwater journeys to a boss battle!

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location and Arena in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Prima Games

Similar to the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, this arena is built above a ring of enemies and Electro crystals. Watch your step in battle so you aren’t accidentally slipping off the side and restarting your boss battle!

How to Find the Last Hidden Waypoint in Fontaine’s Liffey Region of Genshin Impact

Hidden Last Teleport in Fontaine Liffey Region
Screenshot and edited by Prima Games

While in the vicinity, there is one last waypoint that you can obtain underground. Either after defeating the Millennial Pearl Seahorse or traveling around the ring by way of the pathways underneath the boss platform, there is a pool at the end of the path that you can find on the opposite side of the waypoint. 

By diving into the pool, players can venture through the tunnel by way of currents and speed rings all the way to a hidden passageway where there will be a waypoint as well as a stray Mek. Whether you’ve started out looking for the Millennial Pearl Seahorse or ventured through here last, it’ll help to collect the waypoint through here early to both collect the achievement and be able to travel here easier for collecting Fontaine-exclusive items.

There are many beautiful boss battles in Fontaine, some of which can be quite tricky to start. To begin the Icewind Suite Battle, be sure to check out this guide on how to start that boss battle and which one you should be fighting! For more news and guides on Genshin Impact, there is also a game tag just below this article you can visit for more in-game updates!

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