How to Get The Title and Its God Roll in Destiny 2

Will you grab the title?

The Guardian Games are here, which means it’s time to flex your medallion-gathering supremacy and get some event-limited loot. Like The Title! Here’s how to get The Title and its god roll in Destiny 2.

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How to Get The Title SMG and Its God Roll in Destiny 2

Who doesn’t love a good legendary machine gun? They’ve practically run PvP and PvE these past few months, with The Immortal dominating the Crucible and Funnelweb and IKELOS_SMG tearing apart mobs in PvE. But The Title is coming to snag some of that glory for itself.

An Aggressive Frame Energy Submachine Gun, The Title made its grand debut in 2022 during the last Guardian Games. Shortly thereafter, it proved itself to be a very formidable gun in PvE, at least with the right perks and in the right circumstances. And thankfully, it’s easy to grab this year, too.

You can grab The Title as a Guardian Games playlist reward.

That means you just have to go to the Tower map, then select one of the Guardian Game icons at the top. You can choose from the Competitive Playlist (HyperNet Current), the Crucible, or the Recreational Playlist. Upon completing the activity, there’s a chance that The Title will drop. The more difficult the activity, the more likely a weapon will drop.

You’ll also get a guaranteed The Title by completing Step 2 of Vying For Supremacy. The roll on it will be random. So, what should you be hoping and grinding for?

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The Best God Roll for The Title in Destiny 2

Similar to Funnelweb and IKELOS, The Title is a gun that excels in PvE, and the best roll for it reflects that.

  • Basic Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling. +5 Stability, +5 Range, +5 Handling.
  • Basic Magazine: Ricochet Rounds. +5 Range, +5 Stability.
  • Basic Trait 1: Stats for All. Hitting three separate targets increases weapon handling, stability, reload, and range for a moderate duration. Upon damaging three separate enemies within three seconds of each, for 10 seconds: +10 Stability, +35 Handling, +10 Range, +5% increased damage falloff distance, +35 reload speed.
  • Basic Trait 2: Swashbuckler: This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon.

The Title naturally has extremely low stability and middling range and handling, which is made worse with its Aggressive Frame. The barrel, magazine, and first trait all help mitigate this. Its second perks, Swashbuckler, further emphasizes and maximizes The Title’s already excellent damage.

If you’re curious about other Guardian Game weapons, you’ll likely want to know if the star of the show is back. Check out the answer here: Can You Still Get the Heir Apparent in Destiny 2 – Answered.

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