How to Get the SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit in Starfield

Fly in prototype style!

Starfield SY-920 Spacesuit
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If your goal is to dress in futuristic garb and fly high-speed fighter ships, dogfighting anyone you stumble across in Starfield, then look no further. The SY-920, while key to a quest for the Crimson Fleet, is yours to keep afterward. Here is how to get the SY-920 Spacesuit in Starfield.

Where to Get the SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit in Starfield

Starfield SY-920 Checkpoint
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To get the SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit in Starfield, you must follow the steps in the Crimson Fleet faction quest “The Best There Is” aboard SY-920 until you receive an optional objective to locate the SY-920 Pilot Set. It’s up for grabs, but first, you must persuade Vogel that you’re part of the test flight team for their prototype ship with the ComSpike installed aboard.

Once you have the suit and the ship, fly off into space and meet up with the Crimson Fleet. The suit is yours to keep, though you have to turn in the prototype ship, sadly!

How to Complete The Best There Is

  1. Meet Naeva and Jasmine on The Key
  2. Speak to Naeva
  3. Meet Huan Daiyu in New Atlantis
  4. Speak to Huan Daiyu
  5. Meet Huan on the Jade Swan
  6. Travel With Huan to SY-920
  7. Wait for the Jade Swan to Dock
  8. Speak to Huan
  9. Gain Access to the Barracks to Find a Uniform
  10. Board SI-920
  11. Enter the Command Bay
  12. Find an Ensign Uniform
  13. Find Information on the ComSpike
  14. Go to Engineering Bay 4
  15. Locate the ComSpike
  16. Arrange a Test Flight on the Prototype
  17. Escape SY-920 in the Prototype Ship
  18. Return to The Key
  19. Speak to Huan at the Last Nova
  20. Speak to Delgado
  21. Proceed to the UC Vigilance
  22. Speak to Commander Ikande

We have a full walkthrough of The Best There Is if you require more in-depth help!

SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit Stats in Starfield

Starfield-SY-920 Spacesuit Stats
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Spacesuit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 61
    • Energy: 45
    • EM: 53
    • Thermal: 0
    • Corrosive: 15
    • Airborne: 15
    • Radiation: 30
  • Mass: 7.40
  • Value: 4275
  • Item ID: 00214769
Starfield-SY-920 Helmet
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Helmet
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 18
    • Energy: 34
    • EM: 26
    • Thermal: 5
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Airborne: 5
    • Radiation: 20
  • Mass: 2.90
  • Value: 1585
  • Item ID: 002F4B39
Starfield-SY-920 Skip Pack
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Skip Pack
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 18
    • Energy: 34
    • EM: 26
    • Thermal: 5
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Airborne: 5
    • Radiation: 20
  • Mass: 7.00
  • Value: 1960
  • Item ID: 001773BD

To accompany your new spacesuit, we recommend taking a moment to build a ship from scratch. You can craft the ultimate dogfighter!

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