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How to Complete The Best There Is in Starfield

Easily one of the best missions in the game.

While most faction mission lines in Starfield are great and well worth playing through, the Crimson Fleet mission line feels like it’s in a league of its own. There’s such heavy attention to detail and some great espionage, something you don’t expect to see from a pirate outfit. If you’re working through the mission line yourself, then you might need help with one of the missions. Here’s how to complete The Best There Is in Starfield.

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Starfield The Best There Is Walkthrough

To access The Best There Is, you’ll first have to complete the mission Breaking the Bank, where you infiltrate a charity event and get access to a GalBank vault. Once you finish with that, it’s time to solve the first of the two major problems barring you from accessing the ship on Bannoc IV: the ability to locate it. The experimental ComSpike device is where that comes in.

All The Best There Is Mission Steps

  • Meet Naeva and Jasmine on the Key.
  • Speak to Naeva.
  • Meet Huan Daiyu in New Atlantis.
  • Speak to Huan Daiyu.
  • Meet Huan on the Jade Swan.
  • Travel With Huan to SY-920.
  • Wait for the Jade Swan to Dock.
    • [Optional] Talk to Elijah.
  • Speak to Huan.
  • Gain Access to the Barracks to Find a Uniform.
    • [Optional] Speak to Huan.
  • Board SY-920.
  • Enter the Command Bay.
    • [Optional] Find an Intercom to Speak to Huan.
    • [Optional] Obtain a Clearance Code.
  • Find an Ensign Uniform.
  • Find Information on the ComSpike.
  • Go to Engineering Bay 4.
  • Locate the ComSpike.
  • Arrange a Test Flight on the Prototype.
    • [Optional] Find a Pilot Uniform.
    • [Optional] Schedule a Test Flight.
  • Escape SY-920 in the Prototype Ship.
  • Return to the Key.
  • Speak to Huan at the Last Nova.
  • Speak to Delgado.
  • Proceed to the UC Vigilance.
  • Speak to Commander Ikande.

There are more steps here than we include in the guide below, due to combining multiple steps into the same section.

Meet Naeva and Jasmine on the Key

Starfield screenshot of Jazz on the Key
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To kick things off, you’ll want to head to the Key and speak with both Naeva and Jasmine. They’ll brief you on where you’ll find the ComSpike. Conveniently, it’s in a super secret military installation that’s heavily guarded by some intense security. This means you’ll need a way in since you can’t just fly towards it and board it. This is where the Crimson Fleet’s smuggler Huan Daiyu comes in.

Meet and Speak with Huan Daiyu

Sarfield screenshot of Huan Daiyu on the Key
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Meet up with Huan Daiyu in New Atlantis, who will brief you on how this is going to work. She operates a ship named the Jade Swan with its own crew that does regular runs to the military installation (referred to as SY-920 from here on out). You’re going to act like another crew member, then make your way on board and get access to deeper parts of the ship. Ideally, this is all done quietly.

Board the Jade Swan and Meet Up With Huan

Starfield screenshot of the Jade Swan Cockpit
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The Jade Swan can be found in the port next to your own ship in New Atlantis. Board it, then make your way through its maze-like interior to the cockpit. If you’re having trouble navigating, head around the ship until you find the cargo bay, then use the ladder at the other end to climb up and reach the cockpit. Meet with Huan, who will reinforce that you should be inconspicuous. After that, you’ll travel to SY-920 and things will proceed as planned.

Speak With Huan

Once you’ve arrived, Huan will provide details on how you can infiltrate the base. You’re going to use the station’s cargo bay to access the maintenance tunnels, which will take you to the barracks. There, you can get a uniform and act like any other Ensign. That will get you to the Command Bay, which is much closer to the ComSpike. Once she’s done chatting with you, head back through the ship and make your way onto SY-920.

Gain Access to the Barracks to Find a Uniform

Starfield screenshot of the SY-920 Maintenance Room
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Once you’re on SY-920, drop down to the lower floor to find the maintenance door, which is locked. Optionally, you can talk to Huan on the intercom. She’ll tell you that you need to access the door in front of you and that its maintenance tunnels will get you access to the barracks.

Starfield screenshot of Elijah on SY-920
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From here, you have two options to open the door. If you have one point in the Security skill (Tech tree), then you can digipick the door and be on your way. If you don’t, then you’ll want to find a man named Elijah on the same floor. He’ll mention he’s missing his maintenance room keycard and needs help finding it. It can be found on a forklift nearby behind a guard. Speak with the guard and tell him that Elijah needs him, then snag the keycard from the lift. Use it on the door, and you can be on your way.

Starfield screenshot of SY-920 Ensign Uniforms in a maintenance tunnel
Image via Prima Games.

Once you’re in the maintenance tunnels, you’re presented with three different objective markers. You can choose whichever one you want as you simply need one of the uniforms to progress. For our run-through, we went up the ramp of the maintenance tunnel into a bathroom. Once we opened the door, we waited for the guards to head down the hall, then went into the room on the right, snagged Ensign Ziremi’s uniform, and put it on. Remember the name on the uniform you choose, as it’ll be important for later.

Enter the Command Bay

Starfield screenshot of Command Bay Guard on SY-920
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With the Ensign uniform equipped, you’re free to walk around without being detected by guards. Either back through the maintenance tunnels or your own path, make your way to the door of the Command Bay where you’ll meet a UC Leatherneck who wants to know why you’re here. Tell him you need to report to the Command Bay for duty, and he’ll let you through. Head down into the adjacent room, then take the nearby elevator down to the Command Bay.

Find Information on the ComSpike

Now that you’re in the Command Bay, it’s time to figure out where that ComSpike is. Optionally you can speak with Huan on the intercom, who will mention that you might need a clearance code to access the checkpoint up ahead. From here, you can either find that clearance code or use the nearby maintenance tunnels to get around instead. The maintenance tunnels are much easier, so we’ll go with that.

Starfield screenshot of SY-920 Utility Closet
Image via Prima Games.

Near the Operations Center is a utility closet. Head inside and make your way up the stairs to the maintenance tunnel, then head on through. You should come out on the other end of the checkpoint and be free to proceed.

At the other end of the room will be an Archives room, within which you’ll find a computer. Access it, open up the Projects folder, then select the ComSpike option. Click on the Upgrade Security Clearance, followed by Project Lead and Permissions, and you’ll discover the ComSpike is in Engineering Bay 4.

Go to Engineering Bay 4

Once you’re done with the computer, head through the Records room and toward the Transport lifts. Use your keycard on the Engineering Bay 4 elevator, and you’ll be ready to find and grab the ComSpike.

Locate the Comspike

Starfield screenshot of SY-920 Research Labs
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Once you’re in Engineering Bay 4, use the intercom and discover that Huan, unfortunately, had to bug out of the station since the cargo delivery is done. However, she’ll be in orbit for a short while to make sure things go smoothly. Once you’re done talking with her, head over to the Research Labs and make your way down to the lower floor.

Starfield screenshot of Vogel on SY-920
Image via Prima Games.

Downstairs you’ll find Dr. Vogel in his office. Before talking to him, we recommend saving for reasons that will be clear in a moment. Speak with him and tell him you’ll need the ComSpike, through which he’ll tell you it’s attached to a ship that needs an experienced pilot. Convenient, given what Huan just told you. From here, you can do one of the following things to help arrange a test flight:

  • Betray Huan and use that betrayal as a distraction.
  • Persuade Vogel that you’re one of the test pilots.
  • Pickpocket his Control Center password and Port 8 keycard.

I wouldn’t suggest the first option, since Huan will be pissed at you later. Instead, persuasion or pickpocketing is a much safer option. Once you have what you need, get a pilot’s uniform from the nearby locker room (watch out for the test pilot, or you’ll have to pass a speech check) and put it on. With it equipped, you’re ready to get out of here.

Escape SY-920 in the Prototype Ship

Starfield screenshot of Bathroom Maintenance Tunnel on SY-920
Image via Prima Games.

Head into the bathroom immediately next to where you found the pilot’s uniform, and look for a maintenance tunnel. At the other end will be an engineering room with a ton of ship parts, along with the path to Docking Ports 5-9. We’re trying to get to Docking Port 8, so make your way through, use the Docking Port 8 keycard you got from Vogel, and begin your test flight.

Now be ready, because you’re going to have to do this fast. As soon as you undock, the UC is going to wise up to what’s going on and attempt to take you down. Once you undock, quickly select the Key on the map and assign points to the Grav Drive if you have to. With any luck, you’ll jump away quickly with the Comspike in hand and be relatively safe.

Starfield screenshot of SysDef Commander Ikande
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’ve docked with the Key, speak with Huan Daiyu in The Last Nova, who’ll get you a drink and tell her she’s surprised to see a capable rook. From there, speak to Delgado, then head over to the UC Vigilance and report your findings to Commander Ikande to finish the mission.

The Best There Is Quest Rewards in Starfield

Upon reporting to Commander Ikande, you’ll wrap up the The Best There Is quest with the commander expressing a hint of admiration for your stellar capabilities. Thanks to you, his superiors are finally starting to believe the Crimson Fleet can be taken down. You’ll be rewarded with:

  • 250 EXP.
  • 9600 Credits.

Now that you’re done with Starfield’s The Best There is, why not get some help with the next mission in the Crimson Fleet mission line? Check out our guide on how to complete Absolute Power in Starfield.

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