How to Get the Ring of Mendeln Unique in Diablo 4

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Once you’ve made it to World Tiers 3 and 4, Uniques are going to be the major rewards you can snag while playing Diablo 4. While legendaries are still plenty useful as you attempt to get the god rolls on different Aspects, Unique items can prove exceptionally powerful with unique Aspects that can’t appear on any other item. One such item is a great pickup for Necromancers, especially in minion-focused builds. Here’s how to get the Ring of Mendeln Unique in Diablo 4.

Where to Find the Ring of Mendeln Unique in Diablo 4

The Ring of Mendeln Unique, like nearly every other Unique in the game, can only be found as a random drop. It can drop from enemies, from chests, or from breaking objects. If your goal is to get a bunch of Unique items, and especially the Ring of Mendeln, then your best bet would be to farm world events and dungeons until it drops for you. It sounds tedious (and it is), but completing all of the dungeons you haven’t done yet can prove beneficial for your Codex of Power.

What Does the Ring of Mendeln Do?

Once you have a Ring of Mendeln, you’ll find its perks very welcoming for Necromancers. Whenever you have seven minions currently alive, you have a 10% chance on Lucky Hit to empower all currently alive minions to have their next attack explode, dealing an amount of physical damage based on the item level. This makes the ring especially great when focusing on minions in your build. One great example is my current build, which is running a lot of minion-centric passives along with two Aspects that increase Skeletal Warrior and Skeletal Mage counts. More minions means less of a chance of losing this buff, and more minions to utilize the buff.

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Now that you know all this, get out there and snag yourself a Ring of Mendeln! While you’re at it, check out our guide on how to get the Doombringer sword in Diablo 4.

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