How to Get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Pack your bags son, we're goin' deer huntin'!

Bolt-Action Rifle With 2x Scope in Sons of the Forest
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Endnight Games have heard the wishes of their community and they have added a Rifle to Sons of the Forest in the Early Access Patch 07. It’s a nice rifle. There are many like it, but this one will be yours, and we’ll make that journey very quickly. For a brief moment, we’ll once again become Sons of the Caves, so make sure to bring some light sources, weaponry, and meds with you, and you’ll be ready to get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

If you are a Sons of the Forest Veteran, the Rifle is located in a cave which you can enter by finding the entrance on the west (northwest) bank of the big lake located in the southeast part of the map. Here’s a map below that points to the cave entry.

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You will need to tear down the boards that block the entrance, and then the party may begin. Here’s the view of the cave entrance during winter times:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you enter the cave, you are to go forward until you reach a small drop, where a lot of bats will fly past you. From there, keep right (basically, hug the right wall of the cave). You will know that you’re on the right track when you see some unusual gold-ish formations on the cave walls. Run past these and dive in (hope you got the rebreather by now!).

After a bit of diving, you will emerge on the surface, and from there, go forward where the cave leads until there’s a choice of turning left or right. There, you will need to turn right. Quickly, you will run into thin rock formations emerging from both ceiling and floor. If you see that, the rifle is just a dozen feet away from you, just keep going forward. At the end of the “hallway”, you will see two soldiers sitting up. One soldier holds the rifle in his hands, and there’s some ammo next to him, and the other one is sitting next to a red box. Check out our screenshot below for reference:

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s it! Nothing stops you from going Deer (or Finger) hunting, except the scarcity of the Rifle ammo in Sons of the Forest. I hope you found this guide helpful. In case you want to read more about Sons of the Forest here at Prima Games, check out How To Use Console Commands in Sons of the Forest – Console Cheat Command List, or our Sons of the Forest game tag below for more content made by Prima Games. Happy hunting!

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