How to Get the Prime Spring Showers Exotic Bundle for Destiny 2

April showers brings the facsimile of flowers in the Black Garden, conceived by Darkness itself

April showers bring May flowers. Unless you’re in the bleak void of space, constantly ravaged by warring sides and the primordial forces of life and death. Then, flowers only seem to bloom in the Black Garden. Either way, we’re celebrating with this Prime Bundle. Here’s how to get the Prime Spring Showers Exotic Bundle for Destiny 2.

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How to Get the Prime Spring Showers Exotic Bundle for Destiny 2

Each month, Destiny players have a chance to get a bundle of fun cosmetics through Amazon Prime. Mostly, those cosmetics are emblem related. But sometimes we get a few cool shaders and emotes, too. That’s the case with the April Spring Showers bundle.

This bundle offers:

  • Spring Showers Emote (Exotic)
  • Arrow of Time Exotic Ship (Exotic)
  • Grey Tiger Shell Legendary Ghost (Legendary)
  • Velvet Intention Legendary Shader (Timed Prime Exclusive)

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So, here’s how to get it. First, you’re going to need Amazon Prime. That’s just the breaks. If you do have Prime, head to the Destiny 2 page here, connect your Destiny 2 account, and claim it.

Once you land on a page that says, “Success” in bold green, you can log onto destiny and head to the Tower. Usually, we’d go to see Amanda Holliday to claim it… but, well. Rahool, the Cryptrach, has taken over for her.

Visit him, and you’ll see there’s a sub-section titled “PRIME GAMING REWARDS”. Only items you don’t have will be featured here. For example, I already had the Spring Showers Emote, so I don’t get to claim two.

Click them to claim them, and they’re yours! Happy April Showers, Guardian.

If you’re trying to grab that Queensguard Seal, you probably need to farm out some Favors of Grace. Don’t worry, we have the fastest way to do it: Fastest Way to Farm Favors of Grace in Destiny 2.

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