What is Offhand Strike and is it Good in Destiny 2? – Answered

There are better and worse weapon traits out there

All weapons have utility, but some weapons are better than others. And that divide is defined by weapon traits. Offhand Strike is likely a trait you’ve seen on many Lightfall guns. But what is Offhand Strike, and is it good in Destiny 2?

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What is Offhand Strike and is it Good in Destiny 2?

Offhand Strike is a Basic Trait you can find on Stay Frosty, Unwavering Duty, Perpetualis, Royal Executioner, and a variety of other weapons. Its description provides the following: “Final blows grant additional weapon range, stability, and accuracy when firing from the hip for a short duration.”

But what does this actually mean?

Community research has unveiled the hard numbers behind this perk.

On Weapon Kill, for 7 seconds:

  • 30 Stability
  • 1.45x Damage Falloff Start and End Distance
  • 3-3.5° Precision Aim Angle
  • -95%(?) Accuracy Cone Size
  • -95%(?) Accuracy Cone Growth.

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So, as we can see, you do get a huge boost to Stability once you snag that weapon kill. But is it worth keeping a gun with this trait? Or should you hunt for a better one?

The answer all depends on your playstyle and the weapon it’s on. Certain weapons handle hip fire better than others, and this perk will help ensure that you’re getting kills more often. But it also forces you to play with a specific style (hip firing), versus providing a flat benefit, which most other traits offer.

Because of this, Offhand Strike is really only valuable to those players who are truly committed to primarily hip firing their weapon. Otherwise, you’re better off with perks like Demolitionist, Hatchling, or even Target Lock.

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