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How to Get the Portal Buster Hero Skin in Minecraft Legends

Only for the most skilled of strategists!

by Shawn Robinson

While the act of upgrading your armies and defenses in Minecraft Legends is most important, upgrading your looks is another bonus. The default hero skins look great in their own right, but there’s nothing like a fresh change of clothes to make you feel cool. Most of these are paid, but one skin is free provided you meet its requirements. Here’s how to get the Portal Buster hero skin in Minecraft Legends.

Where Can You Earn the Portal Buster Skin in Minecraft Legends?

To get the Portal Buster skin, you’ll first want to head to the Marketplace (found in the main menu) and select the Lost Legends tab. Pick up the Portal Pile lost legend, then finish it by selecting it from the main menu. This will be a difficult defense mission where you’ll face 20 waves of enemies. We suggest getting at least a little accustomed to the game before you attempt this, as the latter waves especially will require some serious effort to complete.

Once you’ve taken down the challenge, you should find the skin located in your Inventory within the Marketplace. Provided it’s there, head over to Switch Hero at the main menu and select the skin. The skin features some black and gold plated armor, making your hero look like a highly-regarded knight with the beauty to show for it. Riding into battle with this will make fights all the more legendary.

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This likely won’t be the only skin you can get with this method. At the time of writing, only the Portal Pile lost legend can be played. The team behind the game is likely to bring in a ton more though, with different cosmetic rewards being gifted upon completing them. There are also cosmetics from the shop, which our guide on how to buy hero and mount skins can help you wish.

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