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How to Buy Hero and Mount Skins in Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends offers a fair bit of customizability off the bat. When you first start a new campaign, you’re given the option of playing one of 10 free hero skins, for example. You also have the customizability of the game, but some of you simply want your shiny new action figures or vehicles to get from one place or another. Here’s how to buy hero and mount skins in Minecraft Legends.

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Where to Buy Hero and Mount Skins in Minecraft Legends

To buy new skins, you’ll first want to make your way to the main menu. From there, select Marketplace, and you’ll be greeted with all sorts of hero skin and mount skin options for varying prices. These are located under the Skins & Textures tab at the top of the screen. To buy any of these skins, you’ll first need to purchase some Minecoins using real-life money. The prices for each amount of Minecoins is as follows:

  • 320 Minecoins – $2.50
  • 1020 Minecoins – $7.69
  • 1720 Minecoins – $12.79
  • 3500 Minecoins – $25.99
  • 4380 Minecoins – $31.99
  • 8800 Minecoins – $63.99

Once you have an adequate amount of Minecoins, select the hero or mount skin you want to buy and select Buy. Provided you have the right amount of Minecoins, the skin will be yours. While you’re here, you can also check out the Lost Legends and Myths once they become available.

To equip your new skin, head back to the Main Menu and select Switch Hero at the bottom of your screen. Then, either select the Hero Skin you just purchased or navigate to Mount Skins to select one there. The mount skins are divided into Horses, Beetles, Birds, and Tigers depending on the skin type you purchased.

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There you have it! Whenever you want to change your skins again, just return to that menu and repeat those same steps for another skin. As for whether you can show it off to your family, our guide on whether you can play Minecraft Legends in couch co-op can help you out.

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