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Does Minecraft Legends have Couch Co-op? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza

Despite having single-player modes, some games are clearly intended to be played in multiplayer, and Minecraft Legends often gives that feel. Building weaponry and commanding creatures to fend off the ever-present Piglin threat is way easier to do with friends, but can you do that with that one dude sitting right next to you at this exact moment? Find out below if Minecraft Legends brings Couch Co-op to the table.

Does Minecraft Legends Have Couch Co-op?

Minecraft Legend doesn’t have a couch Co-op mode. There’s no way of playing the game with two more players sharing the same screen at the same time, and the only way of playing it with a friend in the same house is if you both launch the game through different consoles or computers. You can play with people from any of the various platforms in which the game’s available, though, so don’t worry about having different gaming systems.

It’s very unlikely that Mojang will also add a couch Co-op mode later down the line. Not because they don’t care about the players, but because of the way this game is played. You must be able to move swiftly through your stronghold, command your troupes and build new structures constantly. It’s not always the easiest thing to do during the heat of battle even with a screen just for you. Now imagine two people trying to do that at the same time. Yeah, that’s not happening at all.

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Multiplayer is definitely something that Legend players should try at least once, be it either a 1v1 or a 4v4 match. Campaigning with friends is also a good option for a change of pace, or you can even join forces to conquer a Lost Legend challenge and get those sweet prizes. Anything works as long as you’re playing on separate devices. 

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