How to Switch Teams in Minecraft Legends

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While Minecraft Legends may have an extremely fun campaign, it truly springs to life when you jump into the competitive multiplayer mode. However, if you’re hoping to join up with a few buddies and take down the other team, knowing how to choose the right team is going to be rather important. You’ll always want to be on their good side, so follow along with us as we find out what you may need to do to swap teams and join up with the winning side in Minecraft Legends.

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Swap Your Team In Minecraft Legends Easily

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Currently, there is no way to switch teams in a public match. If you’re hoping to pair up with your friends, you’ll need to either host a private match or join one that a friend is hosting. Once you are in there, however, you’ll just need to check the bottom of your screen and press the corresponding action button to get onto the right team.

A pop-up will show on your screen, asking to confirm that you’re trying to switch teams, Press Confirm to switch or Cancel to go back to your original team. Once everyone has selected which side they would like to be on, you’ll be ready to start the match and see who the greatest commander and conqueror of them all is.

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While it is unfortunate that you can’t switch teams in a public match, it honestly makes sense. Private Matches will give you everything you need to customize the experience to your liking, so those hoping to showcase their battle skills and prowess will likely flock to this particular game mode anyway.

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