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How to Play The Portal Pile Lost Legend in Minecraft Legends

Let's go. In and out. 20 rounds adventure.

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Legends Portal Pile Featured

The Portal Pile is a Lost Legend campaign in Minecraft Legends. Those special challenges give out some exclusive rewards to those bold enough to conquer them, and The Portal Pile is no different. You can start playing it as soon as you get your hands into the game, and here’s what you need to do to head straight into this battle.

How to Play The Portal Pile in Minecraft Legends

Before getting into the battle, you must first acquire the campaign. Head to the Marketplace through the game’s main menu and select Lost Legends. You can claim The Portal Pile for free here and start downloading it right away. 

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Now head back to the main menu and choose the Lost Legends & Myths option. You will find the campaign alongside various Lost Legends you’ve bought from Marketplace (there were no other ones at the game’s release, but they will eventually hit the shop). Select it and start playing for glory and rewards!

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You get the Portal Buster Hero Skin by completing the challenge, so you might wanna give it a shot if you want some new visuals when playing the main story or online with friends. You can technically play it before even starting Campaign mode, but it’s better to get used to the game first before trying it out, as the challenge is designed for those well accustomed to the game’s mechanics.

Your objective is to defeat 20 waves of Piglins coming from three different portals at once before they can destroy your fountain. You get access to more structures and creatures as you complete levels, so it makes the whole ordeal a lot easier. Try to hit it with friends if possible, as having various people helping you build or gather resources is always welcome, especially on those later levels when there’s a swine in literally everywhere you step. Good luck!

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