Do Minecoins Carry Over to Minecraft Legends

Do Minecoins Carry Over to Minecraft Legends? – Answered

No more worrying about losing your coin pouch

There are many ways you can play Minecraft. Some enjoy hopping on Java Edition for PC, while others play Bedrock and Education Editions. With the release of Minecraft Legends, you can experience an entirely different game with the same blocky, cartoonish feel. However, you may wonder if any Minecoins you’ve purchased in the past are also available in Legends or if you’ll have to buy more. To learn more, continue reading to discover whether Minecraft Bedrock Edition Minecoins carry over to Minecraft Legends.

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Do Minecoins Carry Over to Minecraft Legends?

To give a refresher on how Minecoins work, they are the exclusive, premium currency used to buy skins, maps and texture packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Before, this was their only purpose; now, they’ve made their way to Minecraft Legends as its exclusive currency, allowing you to buy mount and character skins. Since they cost real money, it makes sense to be careful with how much you buy and where you spend it.

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Fortunately, if you bought Minecoins for Bedrock Edition in the past, they’ll carry over to Minecraft Legends. As long as you connect to the same Microsoft account that has your Minecoins, you can log into Legends and find your coins in the top corner of your screen.

For example, earlier today, I bought some Minecoins in Bedrock before quickly checking if they were in Minecraft Legends. I was happy to see they were and decided to celebrate by getting the Coral Tiger skin.

Minecraft Legends Minecoins Location
You’ll find a counter on the Marketplace screen! | Image via Minecraft Legends (PC)

Speaking of which, if you want to buy cosmetics in Minecraft Legends, you can head into its in-game marketplace and go to the Skins and Textures list for every available item. For more details, check out exactly how to buy Minecraft Legends Hero and Mount Skins to learn more about the marketplace and its items.

Do Minecoins Carry Over to Bedrock Edition?

What about the other way around, though? If you bought Minecoins in Minecraft Legends, will they carry over to Bedrock? In short, yes, they will. When you land on the Bedrock Edition main screen, make sure you sign into your account and head into the marketplace to find your Minecoins at the top of your screen, much like you would while playing Legends.

Minecraft Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out our entire list of Minecraft Legends guides by clicking the tag below!

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