How to Get the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield

Like a praying mantis but uglier.

Starfield Mantis Spacesuit
Screenshot by Prima Games

Let’s get something out of the way before anything else. This is, in my eyes, one of the ugliest spacesuits in the entire game. It’s very bug-like, as the name would suggest, but not in an aesthetic or sleek way. Here is how to get the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield!

Where to Get the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield

Starfield Lair of the Mantis Entrance
Image via Prima Games.

To get the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield, you must progress through the main story alongside Sarah Morgan until you receive the “Secret Outpost Slate.” Then, read said slate. It will point you toward a secret base on Denebola I-B, which is currently overrun by foes. You’ll have to fight through the compound, solve puzzles, and defeat human and robotic enemies. It’s a challenge, to be sure, but one you can complete with the right equipment and aid items.

Once you’re through the entire facility, a unique spacesuit and starship await!

How to Complete Mantis

  1. Read the Secret Outpost Slate
  2. Go to the Secret Outpost on Denebola I-B
  3. Explore the Lair of the Mantis
  4. Claim the Mantis’ Spacesuit
  5. Claim the Mantis’ Starship
  6. Go to the Mantis’ Starship

Mantis Spacesuit Stats in Starfield

Starfield Mantis Spacesuit Stats
Screenshot by Prima Games

As you can see from its stats, this is an incredibly powerful spacesuit. In fact, I struggled to find anything to replace it until I entered NG+. Trust me, I really wanted a replacement. It’s such an ugly design overall, but you can’t beat those resistances!

  • Type: Spacesuit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 116
    • Energy: 84
    • EM: 100
    • Thermal: 15
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Airborne: 30
    • Radiation: 15
  • Mass: 16.20
  • Value: 26245
  • Item ID: 00226299
Starfield Mantis Helmet
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Helmet
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 54
    • Energy: 46
    • EM: 50
    • Thermal: 20
    • Corrosive: 10
    • Airborne: 0
    • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 5.40
  • Value: 6835
  • Item ID: 0016640A
Starfield Mantis Pack
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Boost Pack
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 47
    • Energy: 55
    • EM: 51
    • Thermal: 5
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Airborne: 5
    • Radiation: 20
  • Mass: 11.00
  • Value: 8600
  • Item ID: 0016640B

If you want something a bit more attractive on the eyes but not quite as powerful, we recommend the Peacemaker Armor. It’s easy to acquire and quite durable!

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