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How to Get the Level 4 Suit in Dead Space Remake

Level up!

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Necromorph Fight

A major part of playing through Dead Space Remake is upgrading your arsenal and character to be a necromorph-killing machine. Through the use of nodes and the various upgrades scattered throughout the ship, you’ll build Isaac up piece by piece until he’s slicing through creatures like a hot Line Gun blast through butter. One particular upgrade for Isaac’s suit doesn’t come to you for a while, so can cause concern that it was missed. Here’s how to get the Level 4 suit in Dead Space Remake.

Where is the Level 4 Suit in Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake Level 4 Rig
Image via Prima Games

Before you go frantically looking around, there’s a very good chance that you aren’t going to come across it for a while. For some reason, the upgrade won’t come until you’ve at least hit Chapter 7: Into the Void. As you’re progressing through the various subdecks of the Mining Deck, you’ll be tasked with various things on the main mission to send out the SOS Beacon. Keep going through it until you find the SOS Beacon itself (it can be found at the location pictured above). To the left of the beacon will be the level 4 suit schematic.

Once you have it, take it back to a store like all of the other suit upgrades and you’ll immediately unlock it for purchase. It’ll be quite expensive, setting you back 35000 credits. The extra inventory slots and defenses will be worth it, as with all the items you carry and harder enemies you’ll face, having those buffs will make all the difference. Just be ready to part with a few supplies in the process.

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Upgrading your suit is just one part of the equation. Alongside the suit, you’ll need to upgrade your various weapons with different stats and upgrades you find scattered across the Ishimura. All the while, you’ll become more and more unstoppable.

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