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How to Fix Stuttering in Dead Space Remake

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by Shawn Robinson
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Dead Space Remake is available on several different platforms, with one major platform being PC. This is great for those who prefer playing games with a mouse and keyboard, though naturally comes with a few challenges. There’s the matter of whether you can run the game, of course, but there are also many technical issues you can run into when launching. This particular issue can be a real struggle in the middle of an intense fight. Here’s how to fix stuttering in Dead Space Remake.

What Causes Stuttering in the Dead Space Remake?

Before we go anywhere, you should first have a look at the minimum specs for Dead Space Remake (found on the Steam page) and see if you’re close or at those specs. If you are, it’s possible that your PC could be struggling to run the game at a stable framerate, and you’ll either need to lower some settings or upgrade your rig before playing the game. If you’re above those specs and still having issues, things might be a little more complicated.

A few possible causes for stuttering can be unrelated to the game itself. If your storage drive is near or at its limit on space, it’s possible that it simply can’t process things as fast as you’d like it to. Keeping 10% or so of your storage drive free is a good rule of thumb, though even 5% can make a big difference by comparison. It’s also possible that outside applications being open when running the game can cause serious stuttering issues. Yes, even those 15 Chrome tabs you forgot to close can cause issues. The last thing you can try is updating to the latest graphics drivers, which can be found by searching your GPU manufacturer’s website (either Nvidia, AMD, or Intel).

Some players have also suggested disabling Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling, or HAGS, to fix stuttering issues. This can be done by going to your Display Settings in Windows, selecting Graphics, clicking on Change default graphics settings, then disabling Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling. This will require a restart but may remedy your issues.

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Moving over to in-game fixes, the obvious one would be to lower your settings and see if the stuttering persists. If that fixes it, then you can slowly increase certain settings until you find your culprit. Having DLSS on, for example, is a big help as far as easing pressure on your GPU. You may also want to limit the framerate through VSync or an external program, since running the game at the maximum frames possible can cause issues. The last fix we can suggest is verifying the integrity of your game files which can be done by right-clicking the game on Steam (if you’re playing there), selecting Properties, then Local Files, and finally Verify integrity of game files.

While none of these fixes are guaranteed to 100% work, we hope they at least alleviate your issues somewhat. If not, then you may just have to wait for an update to the game that fixes performance issues.

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