How to Increase FPS in Dead Space Remake

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Dead Space Remake is now out, with players finally getting the opportunity to step back onto the USG Ishimura as Isaac Clarke. With the ship completely barren and monsters lurking through the vents, Isaac and his crew need to find a way out of this hell before they’re torn to shreds. Though before you can enjoy everything that comes with, there’s the issue of performance which may leave a lot to be desired. Here’s how to increase FPS in Dead Space Remake.

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How to Improve Performance in Dead Space Remake

This guide is going to assume you’re here because you’re a PC player as, if you’re having issues with performance on Xbox Series X|S or PS5, you can simply switch the game from Quality to Performance mode for better frames. For PC users though, there are a lot of variables that go into the performance which could have an impact. Here are a few things we suggest trying:

Turn on Game Mode in Windows

If you’re running Windows, then you have access to the Game Mode feature in the PC’s settings. To do so, open up your PC’s search bar then type in “Game Mode”. Select Game Mode settings, then if it isn’t already on, enable it. If it is already on, then you can try disabling it and seeing if it causes any conflicts with Dead Space Remake.

Enable DLSS

DLSS is a setting in the menu that allows users with RTX graphics cards to render some of the game’s resolution using AI, taking a ton of tax off the GPU and allowing you to get better FPS. This can be set to Quality, Balanced, Performance, and Ultra Performance. The closer you set it to Ultra Performance, the more frames you’ll get. Keep in mind though that this will reduce the image quality more with each step, with the Quality preset being almost unnoticeable.

Lowering As Many Settings As Possible

This is likely obvious to most of you, but lowering as many settings as possible can help increase your framerate. This includes lowering your resolution from its current value. This will hurt visuals quite a bit, but framerate should shoot way up if you’re willing to live with that.

Closing Any Background Programs

This shouldn’t cause too big of a difference in performance, but closing anything you have in the background should help improve frames. This includes everything from Discord to the 12 Google Chrome tabs you have open. Don’t lie, you know they’re there. We wouldn’t suggest closing out Steam though, since then you won’t be able to run Dead Space Remake.

Disable VSync

This last tip is a bit of a shot in the dark, but some users report VSync causing some performance issues. We suggest trying to disable it and seeing if that improves your frames at all. If it doesn’t, then you can safely re-enable it.

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While none of these fixes are guaranteed to solve your issues, we hope some of them at least help a bit. If you have any further tips, be sure to let us know!

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