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How to Get the Hand Cannon in Dead Space Remake

No Destiny 2 fans, not that kind of hand cannon.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake features a lot of incredibly detailed and well-fitting weapons in its arsenal, often being engineering tools repurposed for taking out enemies. There are a few outliers like the Pulse Rifle, but every weapon still fits into the setting in one way or another. That is, except for one exception with an incredibly difficult unlock requirement. Here’s how to get the Hand Cannon in Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find the Hand Cannon in Dead Space Remake

Before you start looking around for this mysterious weapon, don’t bother. You aren’t going to find it anywhere on the floor in the game, and that’s because it’s earned through completing the game’s Impossible mode. This is similar to Hard mode, except there are no autosaves, you get a single save slot, necromorphs are stronger, and every death sets you back at the beginning of the game. This makes it incredibly difficult, but that’s why the rewards you get are oh-so-sweet.

For completing Impossible mode, you’ll snag yourself the Burnished suit (which can be read about more at the link below) and the Hand Cannon. This is a giant foam finger that can do colossal amounts of damage to whatever you shoot with it. As an added bonus, Isaac will say either “bang” or “pew” whenever firing the weapon instead of a traditional firing sound. This makes it not only hilarious but incredibly overpowered at the same time. If you’ve finished the game on Impossible mode though, you’ve more than earned it.

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There are a lot of unlocks available in Dead Space Remake even outside of Impossible mode rewards. Alongside these gifts, you can also get quite a few rewards by simply exploring the game world. The more exploration you do, the more rewards you’ll earn.

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