How to Get the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake

Isaac becomes a demon in the night with this legendary suit.

Dead Space Remake features no shortage of suits to help make Isaac look a little more stylish. This is especially true for Deluxe Edition owners, who get five different suits to trick Isaac out with. Ours, for example, uses the clean Venture look to make Isaac a little more militaristic. There’s one particular suit you can get in the game that takes a ton of effort but is more than worth it. Here’s how to get the Burnished suit in Dead Space Remake.

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Where is the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake?

You may have already been able to guess how you get it from what we’ve said, but in case not, you’ll need to do a playthrough of the game on Impossible mode. This mode is the hardest version of Dead Space Remake, and offers up a ton of variables that make it unforgiving. There are no autosaves, you only get a single save slot, and if Isaac dies, you’re going right back to the beginning of the game. If you think you’re up for the task and manage to pull it off, then the Burnished Suit and hand cannon will be yours.

The Burnished Suit is a very interesting suit design, letting Isaac sport an incredible color combination. The main suit layout isn’t any different than the standard right, but the main rig is entirely black while the visor has been changed to red. He could almost be seen as a demon in the night, stalking necromorphs around every turn to eradicate their forces across the Ishimura.

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That isn’t to say the hand cannon isn’t great either. This weapon is iconic for Dead Space fans, being a foam finger that does obscene amounts of damage. As a bonus, every time you shoot it, Isaac will say “Bang! Bang bang! Pew pew pew!” or something along those lines in place of actual gunshots. It’s very silly, but good for players after they’ve gone through so much hell.

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