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How to Unlock and Play Impossible Mode in the Dead Space Remake

It's no longer impossible for new players, technically.

by Shawn Robinson

For a lot of people, the most fun part of a game is experiencing its hardest difficulty and overcoming all the challenges that come with it. Dead Space games are no different, and many players have gone as far as to impose a permadeath challenge to see if they can beat the games canonically (or something like that). One mode was a fan favorite in the original Dead Space, and many are wondering how to access it in the remake. Here’s how to unlock and play Impossible mode in Dead Space Remake.

How to Access Impossible Mode in Dead Space Remake

In the original Dead Space, Impossible mode brought a rather unique challenge to the game. Enemy health and damage values remained somewhat similar with Hard mode, but enemies are made smarter by side-stepping your shots among other big changes. In it, you must make every shot count and outsmart the necromorphs at every turn. The game also becomes permadeath, meaning any deaths you have will result in the game fully restarting.

Unlike the original Dead Space, you’re able to start this mode from the minute you launch the game (as we tested ourselves). With that being said, we naturally don’t suggest choosing Impossible mode for a first-time playthrough. It’s a mode designed for people who know the game in and out, and unless you’ve played through the original on Impossible several times now, you’re probably not going to have very much fun. We could suggest it for a second playthrough though since you’ll have far more knowledge by that point.

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Whatever difficulty you choose out of the five, we hope you have a lot of fun with Dead Space Remake. It’s a fun remake, and easily one of the best remakes for an older game in a while.

Shawn Robinson

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