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How is Dead Space Remake’s Performance on PC? – Answered

Can your RIG handle such beauty?

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Necromorph Fight

Dead Space Remake is finally in our hands, letting us return to the USG Ishimura and experience all of its scares once again. With so much that’s been refined from the original, not to mention new content to keep things fresh and interesting, you’re bound to get many hours out of the remake. Before you’re willing to dump that time in though, you may be wondering whether your desktop can handle such a new game. Here’s how Dead Space Remake’s performance is on PC.

How Does Dead Space Remake Perform on PC?

Thankfully, we’re speaking from our own experience here after a few hours in the remake. The performance of the game on PC is so far near flawless, with only the odd stutter here and there though nothing that would actively damage gameplay. Framerates remain quite consistent with setting set to High, though there’s plenty you can turn down should your rig (no, not that RIG) not be up to the task.

On top of many settings that you can freely tweak, Dead Space Remake also comes equipped with DLSS for those on Nvidia graphics cards. For those unaware, DLSS allows you to set some of the game’s resolution to be generated through AI rather than natively. On the Quality preset, this will do very little to the visual quality while increasing the framerate heavily. You can also set it to presets like Balanced, Performance, and Ultra Performance for a slightly higher quality hit in exchange for heavily increased frames (those of us with 144Hz monitors are in heaven with it).

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Unless you’re running on PC specs at or near the minimum requirements, you should have no issues running the game. EA Motive has done a great job of ensuring good performance, so go have fun with it!

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