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Is Dead Space Remake PS5 Performance Good? – Answered

It's quite solid, believe it or not.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake offers a similarly great experience no matter what platform you’re playing on. Whether you’re a Sony player, Xbox user, or enjoy the wonders of PC, there’s a great experience to be had for all from start to finish. Thanks to the upgraded hardware of consoles as well, things should be much smoother than in the past. With that being said, those of you leaning on the newest Sony console might be wondering whether it’ll be as good as you hope. Here’s whether Dead Space Remake performance is good on PS5.

How is Dead Space Remake PS5 Performance?

The PlayStation 5 can generally run the game great, at least by the standards of modern AAA games on consoles. Similar to most, you can play the game in either quality or performance mode. Quality mode will provide 4K resolution and a framerate of 30 FPS, while Performance mode will give 60 FPS, but at a lower resolution of 2K. Which mode you choose will depend entirely on whether you like a buttery smooth experience, or enjoy all the finer details of environments.

As it stands, you can’t go above 60 FPS natively, which is unfortunate for fans of 120 FPS but is still a great resolution for how demanding the game is. Given the hefty requirements on PC, being able to run the game at such a stable framerate on consoles is a blessing and should be cherished. Even if it’s not the exact value you desire, once you’re in there slaying necromorphs, we’re sure you won’t care much anymore.

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Dead Space Remake is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for $69.99 or your regional equivalent. For more guides answering all your biggest Dead Space questions, check out our list.

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