How to Get the First Officer Outfit in Starfield

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How to Get the First Officer Outfit in Starfield

By now, millions of people know about Starfield. However, do you know about Fashionfield? Jokes aside, part of Starfield’s fun is finding the right clothes for you and your characters to make them look as good as possible. The First Officer outfit is one of many options available, but getting your hands on these clothes is easier said than done. Continue reading to learn how to get the First Officer outfit in Starfield.

Starfield: Where to Find the First Officer Outfit

You’ll first encounter the First Officer outfit as a random drop from the Deputized quest’s Ruffian Leader. After arriving at Waggoner Farm and tracking their whereabouts, you’ll defeat the leader as a mandatory mission objective and can loot his body to find the outfit.

Ruffian Leader First Officer Outfit Starfield
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However, the First Officer outfit is not a guaranteed drop from the Ruffian Leader. When I did this quest for the first time, I did not see the outfit as a pickup option. Later in my playthrough, I returned to this mission and defeated him again. Upon doing this, I saw the outfit. If you’re determined to obtain these clothes and don’t mind repeating this part of the Deputized quest, you can also attempt this strategy.


Be careful; a mild spoiler is incoming for a future Freestar Collective mission!

Alternatively, you’ll also find the First Officer outfit during the Freestar Collective’s On The Run mission. After boarding Marco’s ship, you’ll find a private room behind an Expert-lock door, which you can unlock to find an assortment of storage containers and the First Officer outfit on one of the shelves.

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