How to Get the Cenotaph Mask Exotic in Destiny 2


A new Season in Destiny 2 means all new Exotics. And because everything in the Deep is aquatic, so are the Exotics. Particularly the Cenotaph Mask Exotic, which will make you look like a long-headed eldritch shark monster. Here’s how to get the Cenotaph Mask Exotic in Destiny 2.

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How to Get the Season of the Deep Exotic Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2

Cenotaph Mask’s is easily one of the best new Exotics that has come out in Season 21, immediately garnering a cult following purely for the aesthetic. Just look at how long that backhorn is.

Fortunately, getting it is pretty easy to get. With Bungie’s latest changes to how Exotics drop, you can now get it in two ways:

  • Complete a Legend or Master Level Lost Sector
  • Complete Vex Incursion Zones

Legend Lost Sectors are a challenging endgame activity that offers big rewards. They’re on a set rotation, with certain Exotic Armor pieces being up for grabs each time. To get the Cenotaph Mask, you’ll need to challenge the Legend Lost Sector on a day when Exotic Helmets have a chance to drop. And you’ll have to do it solo!

If you’ve challenged Legend Lost Sectors in the past and remember the atrocious drop rates, take comfort in knowing that Bungie buffed Exotic drop rates last season.Vex Incursion Zones, found on Neomuna as a random event, were updated so that upon completion, you can get any Exotic piece you’re missing. That includes pieces that used to be locked to Legend and Master Difficulty Lost Sectors. But don’t get too excited. Vex Incursion Zones are difficult to complete unless you can whip up a fire team in time.

But once you have Cenotaph Mask, you might be wondering what it does.

Cenotaph Mask’s Exotic Ability

Beyond just being really cool, Cenotaph Mask is all about focused support and Trace Rifles. Which is seen in its exotic ability, High Priority.

High Priority 

Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Trace Rifles’s magazine from reserves. Damaging a vehicle, boss, or champion with a trace rifle marks them as the target. When an ally defeats the marked target, generate special ammo for yourself and heavy ammo for your allies.

To break it down even further, community research has found that it refills 4% of the magazine of Trace Rifles every .7 seconds and it works while stowed. Damaging a Miniboss, Champion, Boss, or Vehicle with a Trace Rifle marks them for 10 seconds.

And if your ally kills a Marked Enemy? Everyone gets Heavy Ammo and you get Special Ammo. Excellent for taking down minibosses in raid encounters. But it’s still a pretty niche exotic.

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If you’re thinking of tackling a Legend Lost Sector but feel like you might be out of your depth, don’t worry! This build makes all Lost Sectors a breeze. Check it out here: Best Build for Completing Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.

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