How to Get the Atlas Gate Relic on Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors

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How to Get the Atlas Gate Relic on Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors
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Now, you can get the Atlas Gate relic on Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors and unlock a lot of new content to play with, so here’s how to find and unlock the Atlas Gate relic in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Unlock the Atlas Gate Relic on Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors

Atlas Gate Relic can be unlocked by picking it up on the Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors. If you do not have the Boss Rash stage unlocked yet, we have a detailed guide for you here. But if you’re short on time, here’s the quick version: you can unlock Boss Rash by first unlocking Hyper Mode for all five of the regular stages for the base game, which you can do by defeating the boss that appears around the 25-minute mark in each stage.

With Boss Rash unlocked, the Atlas Gate Relic appears on the map at the 7:00 mark, so do not be surprised that you do not see it right away when you enter the stage.

Where to Find the Atlas Gate Relic on Boss Rash Stage in Vampire Survivors

Atlas Gate Relic will show up at the middle of the Boss Rash stage exactly at 7:00. You can speed the time up on this stage by crossing over the Hourglass that appears on the left side of the map at 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, and so forth.

Stepping on the Hourglass on Boss Rash fast-forwards the time in-game to the next minute, so with a handful of these time skips and hyper mode on, you should be seeing the Atlas Gate relic at the center of the map pretty fast (in about 2-3 minutes if you are punctual). After you pick the Atlas Gate Relic up, you can leave the run.

After this is done, you will see an amazing animation in the main menu, and you can access the Adventures mode in Vampire Survivors.

Fixing the Atlas Gate Relic Spawn Glitch in Vampire Survivors

If the Atlas Gate Relic fails to spawn during the Boss Rash stage around the seven-minute mark, it’s likely due to an incomplete Unlock for Find the Yellow Sign. Despite the absence of a clear indication in the game, obtaining the Yellow Sign Relic is a prerequisite for the Atlas Gate Relic to appear.

Acquire the Yellow Sign by playing the Holy Forbidden Stage and following the east-side path to reach it, guided by a green arrow on your HUD. Obtaining the Yellow Sign unlocks various items, including Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right.

Once you have the Yellow Sign, proceed to the Boss Rash stage, and the Atlas Gate Relic will spawn at the seven-minute mark. This ensures you successfully obtain the Atlas Gate Relic in Vampire Survivors.

What Does the Atlas Gate Relic Do in Vampire Survivors?

Picking up the Atlas Gate Relic in Vampire Survivors will unlock Adventures mode: a new mode that lets you play through story campaigns. There are multiple campaigns to choose from, and each one will have several chapters to play through.

Adventures are separate from the main game and have their own progression system, so they won’t unlock new items for you in the base game, but they will allow you to see some additional lore to give more context to the adventure and its characters. Each Adventure campaign will limit you to specific characters and weapons, and provide varying win conditions for each chapter.

If you want to learn more about the Adventures Mode in Vampire Survivors, check out the list of all adventures in Vampire Survivors and How to Unlock Rough Awakening Chapter 2 in A Garlic Paradise Adventure in Vampire Survivors.

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